No One’s Heard YOU Say It

I’ve been asked many times by up-and-coming coaches, trainers, and others in our industry what advice I have on advancing their careers and elevating their reputation. The question always humbles me. Why? Because I often feel like an imposter. Thinking, ‘I’m too young and inexperienced to share anything of (new) value.’ ‘Who would want to read what I write?’ ‘Why should I be standing on a stage speaking?’ These self-imposed narratives are ones I’m challenged with constantly. And maybe you experience these narratives too.

Let’s reframe these narratives. In reality, everything has been said before. Few stones have gone unturned. Not much has been unsaid. But what the world hasn’t experienced is how YOU say it. Your unique experience and perception of the world give each thought new meaning. Different dots are connected.

A lot of what I’ve been sharing in my posts is common knowledge, but you haven’t heard MY take on them. My perspective is new. And because you change moment to moment, your experience of the information is also new.

“You can never step into the same book twice, because you are different each time you read it.” – John Barton

When do you experience imposter syndrome? When you know you’re in it, what do you do about it?


Please share any thoughts, experiences, perspectives, disagreements, or parables below.

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